The Buddy System for Other Participants in the Sport

The Process of Body Checks for Minors within Clubs.

As there are policies and laws within place in all States of Australia that are there to protect minors, the parent(s) of these participants are to be encouraged to participate in the same manner as above.

Most junior matches are played where the match is in progress after 10am and it is after this time that UV radiation becomes a problem.

Umpires/Referees and the Buddy System.

Umpires/Referees are also included in this campaign and should take part in every step of the campaign.

Umpires/Referees are more at risk as they do not get sun shade breaks during a day except at tea time. They are therefore more at risk of developing skin cancer and melanoma than are the players.

Club Officials and the Buddy System.

Club officials including scorers, trainers, non playing coaches and team managers are also out in the sun during matches and should be taking part in the campaign and practices. They can also act as advocates for the club with whom they are affiliated as they are generally persons who are listened to by the players.