The Pledge

The pledge is one way of getting sports persons to commit to prevention and also early detection of skin cancer.

The people would sign a pledge when they join the particular sporting body to practice SunSmart techniques.

Slip, Slop Slap, Seek and Slide. Applying sunscreens and zinc creams with a SPF 30+ or higher rating.

This can be turned into a money maker for the club to be put towards any purpose which the members agree.

This could be the end of year function. It could be toward an end of year trip which a lot of clubs take part in. It could be towards training/coaching of juniors.

Under this suggestion the Pledge would be printed on a card which must be carried at all times except:-
(a) within one hour of a match commencing and half hour of a match ending
(b) 15 minutes before training and 30 minutes after training ends.
At all other times the members must carry their pledge on their person within the club grounds and at official functions not held at the club grounds.

A member may challenge another member as to whether they are carrying the Pledge.

If the person who is asked is not carrying the Pledge then they pay a predetermined fine.

If the person who is asked is carrying the Pledge then the person who asked pays the predetermined fine.

Breaches of the Slip, Slop,Slap, policy would incur a similar fine.