The Buddy System or Watch Your Mates Back for Participants

The Buddy system is based on the campaign by the Melanoma Institute of Australia “Watch Your Mates Back”

All teams usually have a set number of players plus usually another person who is a scorer or team manager.

The idea is for each team to pair off in twos for a match or for the year, if there is a stable team. Each team member would be responsible for checking his buddy for spots which don’t appear to be freckles or just blemishes or moles.

A person cannot check their back properly even in a mirror or the sides of the neck or ears that is why the buddy is needed

If they find an unusual spot then they use a body silhouette image to mark the location approximately and the size. At the next inspection, most likely in two weeks time, the full body inspection is also done and the size of the previous spot is checked. If the spot has grown, player/person should go and get it checked that week. Any other spots identified are also placed on the body silhouette.

Early detection is vital in arresting melanoma growth from a potentially fatal position.

Use a template for body inspections. like this.

Male body

Female body outline

Ideally the body silhouette should be carried by the person who features in the diagram in their kit or placed in their locker. An alternate to this is to have a team manager hold everybody’s silhouette especially where the playing group is constantly changing.