Clubs to have a SunSmart Policy

It is important that clubs and Associations adopt a SunSmart policy. They can show leadership in the care for all club and association members. Through that leadership the members will then adopt SunSmart actions as a normal a part of their routine.

A good UV policy should include:

  • provide or encourage participants and officials to wear sun protective clothing as part of the team uniform and during training sessions

  • promote the use of SPF 30 or higher broad spectrum, water resistant sunscreen. If possible, some clubs should consider having a supply on site

  • run information sessions for club members and coaches about skin cancer and sun protection.

  • promote and use the SunSmart UV Alert by adding the widget onto the club’s website or ordering an outdoor facilities SunSmart sign

  • schedule training times, competitions and outdoor events outside the daily sun protection times when possible – especially those scheduled for the middle of the day

  • promote sun protection during the course of the event or game

  • plan and provide shade and encourage players and spectators to take advantage of shade from buildings and trees.

  • encourage players and spectators to come to events with sunscreen, clothing, shade, hats and sunglasses

  • encourage club ‘sports stars’, coaches and club officials to be sun protection role models.

A download of a model policy is available at